One good day

After last week’s exhausting pace, I felt good about the lesson plans I had for the 7th graders today. We began a technical writing unit last week, and today, I had the students write a “friendly letter” to my collaborating teacher’s brother who is a Marine deployed in Iraq. The students wrote letters that we will send to JW and his group. The kids were pretty excited about it, and we told them we would mail the soldiers hot chocolate and popcorn (two hot commodities over there) with their letters.

For the students who really worked hard today, they will get to help me create a video on Movie Maker tomorrow and Wednesday. I think the kids are more excited about learning to use Movie Maker than they are about making a good grade on the letter or making a good impression on the soldiers. I think it will be good for the students to create something they can be excited about and feel good about in class. I can hardly wait to see how fast they catch on to the program.

 Watch for a video clip coming soon!


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