“No, ma’am, I don’t want iced tea. I said look at the iced trees.”

I really like this video of trees after an ice storm. When I was in elementary school, Marietta had several ice storms that seriously damaged many pine trees. Even the long pine needles would be encased in ice. My dad worked for Marietta Board of Lights and Water, and he would have to go out with the tree crews to restore power. Our power would always go out, but Momma would make a fire in the fireplace and cook our meals in her cast-iron cookware. We even had a fireplace-safe popcorn popper. Those frozen days were spent lying by the fire, reading books, and napping. I never thought of the ice storm as an inconvenience but as a respite from my regular routine.

 I would use this video with my students as a prompt for brushstrokes knowing the students would love to have a snow day (especially tomorrow).


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